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ACU Army Combat Uniforms: Propper ACU Coats, ACU Shirts & ACU Trousers

acu uniforms, army combat uniforms Buy ACU army combat uniforms made to military specifications from BDU Direct. BDU Direct's fire resistant FR ACU coats and FR ACU shirts self-extinguish and are constructed to neither melt nor drip. The fire resistant ACU coats and shirts also contain Lenzing FRĀ® which aids in the absorption and evaporation of perspiration for max comfort under the most stressful situations.

BDU Direct's ACU shirts are constructed of either fire resistant Defender TM material which exceeds ASTM D 6413-99 flame resistant standards or NYCO ripstop. ACU coats are NIR compliant and approved for use by the U.S. Army. Available in a broad range of sizes, ACU coats come in your choice of Army Universal camoflage and MultiCam.

Matching ACU trousers are available in the fire resistant Defender TM material, NYCO ripstop or poly-cotton ripstop fabric while the combat trousers, approved by the Marine Corp, are constructed to USMC Fire Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) specifications. Choose from a variety of camouflage such as Army Universal, MultiCam, Urban Digital, Woodland Digital and Desert Digital patterns.

BDU Direct is an Authorized Propper ACU dealer.