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Military BDUs / Battle Dress Uniforms

Propper BDUs & Military Battle Dress Uniforms

military BDUs - propper BDUs & military battle dress uniforms From September 1981 to April 2005, the U.S. armed forces issued the Battle Dress Uniform - or BDU - as it's standard issue uniform worn during battle. The BDU fatigues were first issued in the woodland camoflage pattern in shades of green, brown, tan and black printed on cotton-nylon twill until a lightweight BDU uniform was introduced in 100% rip-stop poplin. The BDU uniform replaced camoflage patterns for wooded and tropical environments. BDU Uniforms are printed using NIR (near-infrared) Signature Management Technology which allows soldiers to appear at the same radiation levels as their surroundings rendering detection more difficult. Starch should not be used on BDU uniforms as it weakens the fabric and corrupts the NIR coating.

BDU Direct's military BDU uniforms are manufactured by Propper BDU. Depending on whether you purchase BDU coats, BDU pants, BDU shorts or BDU shirts, you know you're getting a quality BDU uniform once authorized for use by U.S. soldiers.