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Military BDUs for Desert Environments

The desert environment is one of the harshest on earth. Depending on where it's located, desert daytime temperatures can reach more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit in an almost monochromatic color scheme of beige, creams, white and tans. These temperatures can also plummet to near freezing at night. Despite these facts, most of the largest military operations of the last ten years have taken place in desert environments making the need for desert camouflage military BDUs of top notch importance.

The history of survival in the desert environment begins several thousand years before the military BDUs for desert environments came into being. During the Crusades that took place between 1095AD and 1291AD; soldiers fought under desert conditions in full armor. Before and since then, several cultures that lived and fought in deserts all over the world; such as the Native Americans of the American Southwest, the Bedouins and other nomadic peoples of the Middle East, as well as the peoples of the great deserts of the Sahara and Gobi, understood the importance of camouflage in desert environments. They used light colors that blended well with the light tans, browns and grays of the desert sands.

During World War II, Nazi Field Marshal Rommel's desert troops learned the importance of using light colored clothing during their desert maneuvers. The much vaunted French Foreign Legion also wore light colors that not only blended with the desert environment, but that also helped keep them cool by reflecting back the sun's light and heat. In fact, as long as there have been deserts, there have been men and women brave and tough enough to live, play, and fight in them. They all sure would have benefitted from a good set of Military BDUs made for Desert Environments!

Today, we're lucky to have Desert Camouflage Military BDUs made from a comfortable blend of polyester and cotton twill that come in a variety of colors and patterns. The two most common and popular patterns are the three-color and six-color Desert Camouflage Military BDUs. The 3-color desert camo BDUs are lighter in color and have a more muted camouflage pattern that include swathes of a light grayish-tan with thin medium-brown slashes. The 6-color desert camouflage BDUs have wider slashes of a medium reddish-brown along with patterns of white irregular dots bordered with black on a light background. When choosing any equipment for use in the harsh desert environment, close attention should always be paid to your surroundings, the sun and heat can sap strength and bodily fluids, while the sand gets into everything. This is where and when a good set of military BDUs for desert environments can make the difference in your survival.