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Woodland Camouflage BDUs

Digital Camo Patterns for Woodland BDUs

For Forest Environments - Propper Woodland Digital

A more recent pattern developed for woodland camouflage BDUs, Propper's woodland digital has the latest digitally enhanced print on cloth. With the most detailed and dimension placed on camouflage to date, this pattern works excellent in large forested areas. The high quality design and craftsmanship of Propper makes this an excellent choice for hunters or those trying to blend in for more stealth. The fabric is lightweight and durable, it was made to be rugged and last while out in the elements of nature. The designs allow you to blend in with a natural look to the environment around you. Outdoors men and women have a wide array of color pattern choices. This apparel will help you to blend in picture perfect with its small leaf and wood patterns. This is one of the most popular patterns for both hunters and outdoor enthusiasts wanting a digital woodland camouflage pattern. The digital Woodland Camouflage patterns are made up of small pattern blocks of colors for a more natural fit into the surroundings. The difference from the older camouflage design is the smaller blotches of color, as opposed to the larger ones of the past. These BDUs are made from cotton and poly twill blends. This fabric is lightweight and effective to keep you safe and dry while wearing them. Customers have a choice of a wide variety or color shades to fit their individual needs. BDU Direct carries many items of this kind, such as Propper's Battle Rip ACU Coat in Woodland Digital, their woodland digital boonie / sun hat, or the Propper Woodland Digital ACU Trouser. Propper Woodland Digital Camouflage BDUs

For Woodland Environments - Propper Digital Tiger Stripe

The Digital Tiger Stripe pattern for woodland camo BDUs offers a much more neutral and open design for hunters and sportsman needing camouflage protection. This pattern gives more of a generic design that is used effectively for hunters all over the world. The difference between the digitally enhanced patterns and this style is the openness and its ability to transition from light to dark natural lighting conditions. BDU Direct maintains a large inventory of BDUs and apparel to ensure availability of this popular design, including Propper's ABU Coat in Digital Tiger Stripe, the matching digital tiger stripe ABU trousers, and heavier-weight items such as the Air Force APECS parka in digital tiger stripe camo. digital tiger stripe woodland camo bdus

Choosing The Right Pattern of Camouflage

The sole purpose for wearing camouflaged patterns, such as the Woodland digital design or a more open pattern is to allow the wearer to blend in with indistinguishable lines in the environment. Most animals have a natural defense mechanism of camouflage. This gives them the ability for extra protection by blending into their surroundings. For hunters and nature watchers, the woodland pattern helps give them an edge while traveling in both dense and thin wooded areas. The blotch patterns allow the wearer to have less outline distinction of their body’s silhouette while outdoors. Woodland Camouflage offers some added invisibility. The area that you will be hunting or playing in should determine what hues and colors of camouflage you would need for optimal effect. If you are unsure of what the area looks like, a simple quick scouting trip to the area can help you decide on the appropriate shades will be most efficient.